4 powerful case-studies that demonstrate the benefits of PWAs 

This report details the results we found after examining 4 top retailers that have adopted PWA frontends.
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Comparing 4 PWAs in terms of speed
Speed is one of the most important aspects of your
mobile experience. According to Google, a mere 100ms improvement to page loads can lift conversions by 8.4%. 
Comparing 4 PWAs in terms of engagement
With mobile web revenue surpassing app-driven revenue, it’s essential that your mobile site offers an engaging, frictionless experience. Progressive Web Apps are great for that. 
Predictability and reactivity
Experiences need to be Predictable and Reactive
so the user feels in control.
Overall score
Which PWA leads in terms of technology and user experience?  
Boost mobile revenue with a Progressive Web App
Website speed impacts a retailer’s entire digital strategy, from visibility to traffic to conversions and revenue – essentials to gaining and retaining an advantage within the highly competitive eCommerce space. With the importance of websites speed in mind, we analyzed the mobile Lighthouse Performance Scores for the top 100 internet retailers in the US based on online revenue (IR100).
What if you could provide visitors with the deep, engaging experiences of a mobile app while having the reach of a website?

What if visitors land on your website and get a native-app like experience along with all the perks of a real app, such one click checkout, offline browsing, add to home screen functionality, and more?

This can be done with a new breed of web applications known as Progressive Web Applications (PWAs).

To help eCommerce companies understand the current landscape and get a feel for where they stand, we've analyzed the performance of 4 top retailers that have already adopted PWA technology: 

  West Elm
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Learn the benefits of PWA from these 4 powerful case studies

This report details the results we found after examining 4 top retailers that have adopted PWA technology.
Get Your Free Copy of the PWA Case-Studies eBook