Free Magento vs SAP (Hybris) Side-by-Side Comparison 

Compare over 10 headless features of Magento vs SAP (Hybris). See which is better for going headless through PWAs & AMP 
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What’s in the ebook?

Headless ecommerce vs PWAs vs AMP 
Headless commerce, PWAs, AMP and how they connect.
Frontend portability comparison
By decoupling the frontend from the backend, headless commerce frees you from the limitations imposed by your eCommerce platform.
Site speed and SEO comparison
Site speed impacts an eCommerce  website's entire digital strategy, from visibility to traffic to customer experience to conversions and revenue.
Support for future use cases and endpoints
Headless commerce reduces the effort and cost associated with bold initiatives that traditionally have been a large undertaking.
What to look for in an eCommerce platform?
Website speed impacts a retailer’s entire digital strategy, from visibility to traffic to conversions and revenue – essentials to gaining and retaining an advantage within the highly competitive eCommerce space. With the importance of websites speed in mind, we analyzed the mobile Lighthouse Performance Scores for the top 100 internet retailers in the US based on online revenue (IR100).
Must have benefits: frontend portability, speed & SEO improvements, and support for future use cases.
eCommerce platforms tend to leave site speed up to the developer, and offer little to no tooling to assist to optimize websites for speed. Look for one with robust APIs and documentation. 
Most eCommerce platforms limit portability, so make sure you choose one that does not.  
No platform has built-in server-side rendering or AMP support, an omission that hurts SEO. However, there are frontends that do support these out of the box. Look for a platform that works well with third-party frontends. 
Get Your Free Copy of Magento vs SAP (Hybris) eBook

Free Magento vs SAP Hybris Side by Side Comparison

Compare over 10 Headless Features of Magento vs SAP Hybris. See which is better for going headless through PWAs & AMP
Get Your Free Copy of the Magento vs SAP (Hybris) eBook